What are cookies?

So as to offer the guests some cookies, so every site will offer its visitors use of cookies, which are files that are used to distinguish individual users. Thanks to these associated websites to remember your user preferences, which allows individual sites to offer (e.g., appearance settings, remembering your password to the mailbox, remembering your address in e-shops, you do not need to constantly write when ordering…). Browsers then these files are used to optimizing your search on the basis of the previous history of your movements on the internet. Files are stored directly on your side in browsers in the form of short text messages. Cookies themselves risk do not constitute the only problem may occur in the case that your equipment, on which internet you are using, gets the third person, e.g. theft of the device itself.

How files disable cookies?

Each browser that you use (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox…), has in its settings the option to these files disable. If however, this is not strictly necessary, we recommend you these files do not ban.