100 g Caprese 70, – CZK
Striped tomato mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil and basil pesto

2 pieces of toast Devil 72, – CZK
Toasts layered spicy sauce with meat and vegetables 100 g

Fried chicken livers 75, – CZK
Roasted chicken liver along with onions, served with bread

Goodies for beer and wine

150 g Cheese plate 65, – CZK
Mix cheese with cranberry jam

1 pc Spicy sausage 45, – CZK
Sausages marinated in spicy pickle with peppers, onion and pepper

150 g Home brawn 58, – CZK
Excellent light glazed pork brawn with vinegar and sprinkled with freshly chopped onion

1 pc Pickled Camembert 54, -CZK
Spicy marinated in garlic oil with chilli peppers and spices


0.3 l French onion 45, – CZK
The original French onion soup thick and served with croutons and cheese

0.3 liters Soup of the Day 24, – CZK

Main dishes from pork

200 g Pork tenderloin 159, – CZK
Medallions of pork tenderloin roasted green beans with bacon and garlic

300 g Juicy steak of collars 165, – CZK
Roast pork with beer sauce

200 g Stuffed pork 119, – CZK
Pork pocket filled with mushrooms, ham and cheese, topped with dripping

200 g Pork noodles with chilli 110, – CZK
Pork ham, cut into strips with peppers and onions in chilli sauce

200 g Pork schnitzel 94, – CZK
Domestic pork cutlet served with a slice of lemon

Main dishes of poultry meat

150 g Grilled chicken breast with roasted vegetables 98, – CZK
Grilled chicken breast served on roasted beans and corn, topped with dripping

12 pieces of chicken wings “Barbecue” 130, – CZK
Marinated chicken wings, served with bread

150 g chicken china with mushrooms and leek 105, – CZK
Chicken noodles baked with leeks and mushrooms

150 g Chicken strips with cream 116, – CZK
Stir-fried chicken strips, bloodshot cream – blue cheese sauce

150 g Chicken fillet with peach 110, – CZK
Baked chicken breast with mild spices, cheese and peach

150 g Fried chicken pocket 120, – CZK
Chicken breast stuffed with ham, cheese, coated in breadcrumbs

150 g Fried chicken schnitzel 97, – CZK
Chicken breast fillet, served with a slice of lemon

Main dishes Beef

200 g Beef Sirloin 250, – CZK

300 g Beef Sirloin 335, – CZK

200 g Sirloin steak 199, – CZK
Fillets seasoned pepper and coarse salt

Steaks are preparing a “rare”, “medium” well-done “

200 g American beef hamburger “Obouručák” 158, – CZK
A juicy piece of beef burger interleaved vegetables, cheese, served in a crispy bun
with steak fries

150 g Tartare 160, – CZK

200 g Tartare 185, – CZK
At your request, we will prepare steak tartare of beef, if you like, we can serve
with appropriate materials and mixing ceremony you can enjoy by yourself, helping administer 5 pieces of toast


200 g Trout grilled in butter 115, – CZK
Trout grilled in butter and seasoned with herbs and lemon
10 g extra weight charge 6,- CZK

200 g Salmon with herb butter 155, – CZK
Grilled salmon filet topped with basil cream

Speciality chef

300 g Mix grill “Special” 175, – CZK
Beef, pork, roasted chicken breast with grilled vegetables

250 g Chateau skewer 155, – CZK
Chicken breast and pork on skewers wrapped in bacon, served with
specially adapted onion

250 g Pork tenderloin “Dijon” 160, – CZK
Roast pork tenderloin served with creamy dijon sauce

Pasta and gnocchi

300 g spaghetti bolognese 105, – CZK
Spaghetti with traditional bolognese meat mixture with cheese

300 g Penne Polo 115, – CZK
Penne with chicken, cream sauce with broccoli

300 g Gnocchi Spinaci 110, – CZK
Potato gnocchi with cream, spinach and roasted chicken

Vegetarian dishes

150 g Fried cheese 80, – CZK
Edam cheese breaded and fried in breadcrumbs served with homemade tartar sauce

1 pc Fried Camembert 85, – CZK
Camembert breaded and fried in breadcrumbs served with homemade tartar sauce

150 g Fried blue cheese 90, – CZK
Niva breaded and fried in breadcrumbs served with homemade tartar sauce

Children’s meals

150 g spaghetti bolognese 70, – CZK
Spaghetti with tomato sauce, Bolognese meat mixture and cheese

4 pcs Fish fingers 60, – CZK
Fried fish fingers

6 pieces of chicken nuggets 68, – CZK
Fried chicken nuggets

100 g Chicken Medallions 64, – CZK
Chicken medallions prepared with bitter

Meals on request (24 hours in advance)

1 kg Roasted pork knuckle 170, – CZK
Roast pork marinated in a spicy marinade, served with dark beer
with pickles, peppers, horseradish, mustard and bread

1/4 Roast duck 165, – CZK
Crispy roast duck with dumplings and potato dumplings, served
red and white cabbage, basting dripping


250 g Mixed salad 59, – CZK
Mixed salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, topped with feta cheese

300 g Caesar salad with chicken 115, – CZK
Chopped lettuce with croutons sandwiches and chicken fillets topped with dressing, garnished


4 pcs Pancakes 58, – CZK
Homemade sourdough pancakes topped with blueberry sauce

2 pcs Home strudel 54, – CZK
Hot strudel with apple filling and served with vanilla cream

1 piece Honey 50, – CZK
Traditional honey cake served with homemade whipped team


1 pc Hot raspberries 55, – CZK
3 scoops of vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries and homemade whipped cream

1 piece Strawberry ice cream sundae 55, – CZK
3 scoops of strawberry ice cream garnished with strawberries and homemade whipped cream

1 pc Fruit sundae 55, – CZK
3 scoops of ice cream of your choice, decorated with wild berries and homemade whipped cream

1 pc caramel sundae 45, – CZK
3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped with caramel, whipped cream and chocolate

1 pc scoop of ice cream 15, – CZK
strawberry, vanilla, chocolate


250 g Mashed potatoes with onion and bacon 34, – CZK

250 g French fries 30, – CZK

250 g French fries 28, – CZK

Wedges 250 g 30, – CZK

250 g croquettes 30, – CZK

250 g Rice 28, – CZK

250 g Grilled vegetables 45, – CZK

250 g Grilled green beans with bacon and garlic 45, – CZK

1 pc Bread 4, – CZK


Tartar sauce 20, – CZK

Ketchup 15, – CZK

Mustard 15, – CZK

Spicy sweet chilli sauce 25, – CZK

Hot pepper sauce 25, – CZK

Warm mushroom sauce 30, – CZK

The list of allergens to a request by the service.