Golf Simulator

Golf Simulator Full Swing Golf (FSG), thanks to which of you can become the next Tiger Woods, allows you to adjust training to

driving range – this is actually a training meadow, which thanks to its setting lets you simulate a real golf course. Here a nice especially with practice shots. You can experience the game on a real pitch with the difference that here there is no risk to you that you got wet.

putting – is marking the wound when the ball has raised into the air. It is used primarily for delivering the final ball into the hole. With this setting so well with practice conclusions, which, as they say, is one of the masters.

short game – is considered the most important part of the golf game. This is a part of the game when he gets the ball to a distance of about 100 meters from the hole. At this point it comes to good mastering work with the ball and fished estimate distance and direction of the well to avoid unnecessary extra lashes. Now the simulator, you can use this skill very well natrénovat.

online tournaments – you have known in other parts of the country or even the world? This setting allows you to clash with them in the tournament, whether they are everywhere.

Price per hour 250, – CZK

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